Media Literacy, a key factor to keep on being a role model for your children

MeLi for Parents is an Erasmus+ project developed by a transnational partnership with the aim to promote media literacy for adult citizens, equipping them with knowledge and tools to interact with the new media in a critical manner. In this way, they will develop better abilities as parents, learning how to guide and protect their children from the dangers they may incur in browsing the net, dealing with social media and playing online games.

This webinar will provide parents and relevant support organizations a general overview of the project and of its goals, with a specific highlight on the practical solutions that the partners already developed to facilitate parents in their daily homework with children:

·       a training programme including a curriculum with accurate learning materials on the different topics related to media literacy;

·       a web application available online on the project website, and able to reach parents’ mobile devices with many resources and quick activities to practice with media literacy subjects.

So, join the webinar and stay tuned with MeLi for Parents: in some weeks you may take part to the pilot phase, testing our tools to become an expert in media literacy!


11th June 2021, 4.00 pm CET, GotoWebinar platform


h. 4.00 
Welcome – Valerio Cipolli, European Digital Learning Network

h. 4.05
MeLi for Parents, an overview of the project: partnership, duration, financing and main goals – Anna Jarzębska, Map of Passions Foundation

h. 4.15
Parents’ empowerment on media literacy. A couple of useful tools in everyday life with children:
-    Training Programme – Zoe Batsi, IDEC
-    Web App – Louiza Kachrimani, HeartHands Solutions

h. 4.45
Open discussion

h. 5.00