Webinar “Parenting in the Digital Age”

On November 21st the European Parents’ Association held a webinar following its topic of the year “Parenting in the Digital Age”. While the first part of the webinar dealt with "Digital Citizenship Education - from a parent's perspective" presented by Janice Richardson, an expert working for the Council of Europe, the second part was dedicated to the presentation of the Media Literacy for Parents project.

First the participants engaged in a poll where 54% declared that for them media literacy means a set of skills as well as knowledge about various types of media and considered that media literacy was part of digital literacy.

Then Boštjan Bobič (EPA) introduced the consortium, the aims and the main findings from a survey that had been conducted, Joanna Zyła from the coordinator MaPa presented the first two outputs, the training program and the WebApp, Arja Krauchenberg (EPA) talked about the third output - a guide for parents - and Valerio Cipolli (Dlearn) showed the different ways to ensure good communication.  In a word cloud that was created through menti.com the participants stated that the most important elements for them were security and parents as role models – two topics that will be dealt with in the trainings and the parents‘ guide.