Second Transnational Meeting

After a long break, due to Covid-19 situation all over Europe, the consortium of Partners gathered again last 12th October. Where? On a virtual platform, of course!
We were supposed to meet last April in Piraeus (Greece) at IDEC premises, but the pandemic prevented us from organizing the meeting. So, we waited for a few months, in the meantime we connected on several occasions, and at the end we decided to hold this official – but virtual - meeting to take stock of the implementation of the project actions.
The results are really encouraging: excellent cooperation among the Partners, high motivation and positive development of the Intellectual Outputs. The training courses for parents of school-age children are getting ready in few weeks, and the web app as well. So, at the very start of next year we will involve parents in our pilot activities, to test our products while enhancing their media literacy skills!