1. Program szkoleniowy: Edukacja medialna dla rodziców

A Media Education training program designed specifically for parents of school-age children, responding to their real needs and increasing their knowledge and skills. The training program will be carried out during workshops in the partner countries.  

The first step in the preparation of the program is to identify the current practices related to the development of media competences in the partner countries. Consequently, partners conducted a secondary research on media literacy and prepared an online questionnaire addressed to parents. They also organized focus group interviews with parents and media literacy experts who provided them with conclusions on the results of the online survey.

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Presentation for Parents: 


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2. Aplikacja internetowa ML4P

 A web application that will contain educational materials and exercises on media literacy, addressed to parents and their children.

3. Poradnik edukacji medialnej dla rodziców

The handbook, which will contain information on the topics covered in the training program, will be used by the trainers as a handbook during the exercises.

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