Обучителна програма: Медийна грамотност за родители

A media literacy training programme designed specifically for parents of school-age children aimed at covering their actual needs and improving their skills and competences. The training programme will be used to hold seminars in partner countries.

The first step towards the establishment of the programme is to identify modern practices in terms of media literacy in partner countries. The partners conducted research on the topic of media literacy and developed an online survey addressed to parents. The partners also organized interviews in focus groups with parents and media literacy experts, from which they received feedback on the results of the survey.


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Presentation for Parents: 


Handouts Trainers


2. Web App ML4P

A digital web application that will contain a range of resources and activities on the topic of media literacy aimed at parents and their children.



3. Ръководство за родители по медийна грамотност

A guide that will include information on the topics addressed in the training programme and will be used by teachers as a guide to seminars.



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